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Thank you for joining us for a brief journey through our site to show you what It is that you do.

We are a school for 3-6 year old children in southern suburbs of Durban. We are able to enrol 100 children each year .Parents are attracted by the quality education we offer as well as having small numbers in our classes. We work hard to keep our school and equipment up-to-date as well as having a variety of toys and books.. We have a well- stocked media centre, creative work room, a cognitive room and a fantasy area. We have a small computer area which we are wishing to upgrade.

Our programme provides for the social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, physical and aesthetic growth through Numeracy, Literacy and Life skills. We follow the CAPS system in our Grade R (0) classes so that our children can slot into the local Primary Schools with ease.

Our Vision

The Udobo School is a ministry of the Montclair Methodist Church and the school was begun as a place where low- income families could place their children so that the child would not be at a disadvantage when they were enrolled in Primary School with children who had had the experience of Pre-Primary School.

However, our vision has grown into a school which strives to ‘Shape tomorrow today’. We have moved from being a Grade R school to a Pre-Primary School which seeks to develop our children from a younger age as we have seen the benefit it brings. Children begin at Grade 000 and gently learn the routine, they learn to share as well as learning the routine and begin learning the skills they will need as they progress through the school. Our middle group, Grade 00, concentrate on all the skills they will need in Grade R. All our children do most of their learning through play. Interacting with each other, climbing, swinging, playing games and building puzzles – their days are very full!

The children are fed breakfast, a cooked lunch or a sandwich with a protein filling and they receive a fresh fruit after story time every day. They have Rooibos tea or juice and are encouraged to drink water especially during the hot months.


The Montclair Methodist Church bought the stable complex with the intention of having a centre where the unemployed could be taught skills. However, the minister at the time Graeme Mercer and his wife Kathy, a teacher had noticed the young children around the area who should be in school. The Mercers and members of the Montclair Methodist Church worked tirelessly in order to realise the dream of taking the children off the streets and into school.

The school opened on 19th April 2004 with one classroom, three playrooms, an office, storeroom and toilets. In December 2004 a fully equipped kitchen was established as were two additional classrooms. By the end of 2007, the stable complex had been fully converted to accommodate 100 children. At present (2019) we have five classrooms, three storerooms, three toilet areas and the kitchen. Our office area moved to the building alongside the school in 2012 where we now have two offices, a sickbay, a store room, a lounge and staff kitchen that doubles as our staff room.

We have not lost the vision of assisting people in need to place their children with us but require supporting documents. Our fee for those who bring their children to us because they have heard about the quality of the education, is still the lowest in the area but it helps to cover the cost of those families who can offer very little.

Sponsors and Partners

Udobo Pre-Primary School would like to thank the following sponsors:

The Montclair Methodist Church who supports us prayerfully and practically

Action Udobo (UK) who have supported us from the beginning. Their faithfulness has enabled us to keep our doors open during challenging times.

KZN-Market for bi-weekly donations of fresh fruit and vegetables

Lions for ongoing support with useful items as well as giving our children who graduate at the end of the year, a pack of stationery

Daily News milk fund who provide us with full-cream powder milk and porridge.

Westville Boys High who send a team of learners to us every year, they are with us for a week and work hard at whatever task we put before them.
Paperjet Studios who are responsible for our logo, managing our website and providing all our design needs.

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